• Be prepared for a Post Campaign Audit

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    Be prepared for a Post Campaign Audit

    During a political campaign, money moves quickly and things can get complicated. When Michael Cohen pled guilty to eight criminal charges, including two campaign finance violations, he admitted to knowin ... read more

  • Business Fleet Magazine Article About PEX Mobile

    Toffer Grant |

    Business Fleet magazine, a publication dedicated to the trucking and transportation industry, wrote about the PEX Mobile and summarized some information about benefits. Click this blue text to view th ... read more

  • Reduce Freight Costs

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    The cost of fuel is back on the rise, and freight costs are expected to rise in 2011. If you rely on freight shipping for your business logistics, you may want to consider how you can reduce freight read more

  • Corporate Fleet Fuel Management

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    One vehicle is easy to manage. You can access money when the tank needs to be refilled and coordinate who will drive. However, when one vehicle grows into a fleet, the same ad-hoc planning doesn’t work ... read more

  • Trucking Fleet Card Services

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    If your business uses trucks then you probably are on the lookout for ways to manage fuel costs. You may consider a fleet card service. While there are several choices available, many are credit-base read more

  • Corporate Prepaid Cards and Fleets

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    When there is only one vehicle to look after, it can be easy to use cash to cover the cost of fuel and maintenance to keep things running. As time goes by and your van or truck turns into a fleet of read more