Introducing Text to PEX, Auto-Enforcer, and 3 More New Features for March

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Our developers constantly keep busy to make your lives using PEX easier. Here are five new features we just launched, and two (of the many) that are in the works. Many of these product enhancements grew out of suggestions from customers like you. So please, let us know if there’s any feature you’d like to see, any problem you’d like us to help you solve. We’re always making PEX better for you.

Text to PEX: The Next Wave In Receipt Capture

If you were to list your least-favorite work tasks, submitting receipts would be right there with clearing paper jams and finding 3-month-old emails. It’s a necessary evil that new Text to PEX makes less evil. 

With Text to PEX, Cardholders and Administrators can text a standalone receipt—no other data needed—directly to PEX. Our new AI Receipt Matching capability attaches the receipt to the transaction record which was automatically generated at the time of purchase.

It’s easy. And you can also make it forget-proof. PEX can text reminders to cardholders to upload their receipts as soon as they make a purchase. And cardholders can reply with a photo of the receipt. (Email receipt collection is coming soon.)Here are Text to PEX setup guides for Admins and Cardholders.

New Auto Enforcer Gets You What You Need to Close Your Books

No matter how many times you poke and prod, threaten and nag, some people just won’t get their receipts, notes, and tags to you in time. Auto Enforcer is the solution PEX customers have been asking for.

Auto Enforcer automatically blocks cards when Cardholders don’t meet their deadlines. You can define rules for groups or individuals.

If they don’t get you what you need, their card gets blocked. Once a cardholder provides the missing information, the system automatically unblocks the card. And, of course, authorized administrators have the option to manually unblock a card. Here’s how to set up Auto Enforcer

Now You Can Auto Sync PEX Purchases to SAP Concur

Thanks to a new strategic partnership with SAP Concur, PEX Cardholders can now automatically sync their purchases and fees directly into Concur Expense. This will make it easier and more secure for our shared customers to manage and reconcile expenses.

You can learn more about the PEX Connector for SAP Concur here. PEX customers save 20% on Sap Concur. Click here for details.

Blackbaud Users, PEX Credit Expense Now Auto Syncs

Back in November, we showed you how PEX Credit Expense helps schools with everything from streamlined approvals to 1% cash back. Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT users can add streamline reconciliations to these benefits

Now you can auto sync PEX Credit Expense purchases, bill payments, and fees directly into Blackbaud Edge NXT, just as you do with PEX Prepaid Expense. This new feature can save hours each month closing books. Here’s how to set it up.

By Popular Request: Instant Confirmation Number for Scheduled Funds

A great bookkeeper once said, “Without a confirmation number, it doesn’t exist.” It doesn’t matter if the system is manual or automated, you need that number.

With that in mind, we’ve added instant confirmation numbers to our popular Funding Scheduler app. Now, every time the app schedules funding, you’ll get a confirmation number. You can see your confirmations in the View schedules tab. Learn more about Funding Scheduler and how to use it here.

New Features Coming

Sign up for Early Access: Employee Reimbursement with PEX

Do you ever find that you sometimes have to reimburse PEX Cardholders for out-of-pocket outlays? Wouldn’t it be great if you could use PEX tools to approve, pay, and reconcile these reimbursements? It’s coming.

PEX is building capabilities that will allow you to reimburse cardholders for their personal outlays through the PEX dashboard and mobile app. Cardholders will submit receipts made on a personal card through PEX. Once approved, payment will be sent directly to the cardholder’s bank account. Sign up for early access to this feature here.

Also, we’d greatly appreciate any information you can give us about your current processes and how we can make this feature work better for you.  Drop us a line.

Send Card Details Directly to Suppliers

We’re making it easier for your vendors to post PEX Virtual Vendor Cards payments more quickly. 

New enhanced delivery features will let Admins email invoice and card details directly to suppliers, so they can process your payments quickly and correctly.

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