PEX for Accounting, Consulting, and Other Service Organizations

When you have lots of clients and lots of people servicing them, expense management can get complicated. PEX gives you a modern card with the simplificity you need and the transparency your clients demand.
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Fast Funding

Get funds where they are needed in seconds, so you can keep your engagements on track.

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Manage Spending

Set limits according to rules that you and your clients have set, add notes, see receipts or GL codes to keep clean tracking

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Real-Time Reporting and Reconciliation

Manage cardsm expenses to clients, projects, and more in real-time, on any device.

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Manage Engagement Expenses

  • Issue and cancel cards via web and mobile platform

  • Fund and top-up cards instantly

  • Set spend controls—amounts, categories, and more—to limit where funds can be spent

  • No credit checks required *

Simplify Organizational Accounting

  • Ability to simultaneously manage multiple clients and engagementsGL code reporting, pre-approved spend and captured receipts automate reconciliation and eliminate expense reports

  • Exports and data integration with most popular accounting software packages

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Provide Cardholder Flexibility

  • Mobile app with receipt capture and funds request

  • PEX 24/7 customer support

  • No credit checks required *

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