PEX for Clean Energy & Construction

Mobile, versatile and virtually immune to misuse.

Spending at jobsites is a must. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your business open to expensive delays, fraudulent purchases or time-consuming reconciliations. PEX helps you balance real-time control with immediate jobsite spending needs.

Complete control through a mobile app

No need to call a bank or other financial institution. No need to go back to the office and log onto a website. With the PEX mobile app, owners and administrators can manage all PEX Cards and spending from the field.

  • Freeze, unfreeze, fund and defund cards
  • Set or change spending rules
  • Authorize and fund individual purchases
Protect funds from fraud and misuse

There’s no cash access on the card. No petty cash or checks to keep track of. You decide when and where PEX cards can be used; the technology enforces the rules for you.

  • Create unique rules for individual cards or groups
  • Set limits on daily purchases or types of purchases
  • Receive email alerts every time a card is used or declined
Automatically allocate purchases

No need for expense reports. When cardholders make a purchase, they launch the mobile app, photograph the receipt and report the purchase. The PEX Platform allocates the expense to the right department or cost center.

  • Saves hours in review and reconciliation time
  • Generates reports on demand
  • Spares employees from waiting for reimbursement

See how PEX helps you stay flexible and control budgets.