PEX for Religious Organizations

Everything that annoys you about checks and petty cash—solved!

Give volunteers and staff members PEX Cards. You’ll never again have to chase down receipts or worry what’s left in the petty cash drawer. And your staff will never have to lay out money and wait for a reimbursement check.

You decide how cards work

A corporate card alternative, PEX lets you manage cards through a web or mobile app. If you need help, 24/7 support is just a phone call away. You can:

  • Limit purchases to specific merchant categories
  • Limit how much money can be spent on a card
  • Instantly authorize and fund purchases as needed
Make spending easier for the people you count on

No checks to cut. No change to collect. With PEX, you deposit a pool of money into an account where your funds are FDIC insured through the Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. You control the account:

  • Load money on a card or take it back without extra fees
  • Issue, freeze and unfreeze cards without calling a bank
  • Create separate rules for each card or group of cards
Keep better track of spending

The PEX mobile app works with powerful Internet-based software to:

  • Alert you every time a card is used or declined
  • Capture receipts through camera on cardholder’s smartphone
  • Automatically allocate purchases to specific ministries, grants or more

See how hundreds of religious organizations simplify spending and expense management with PEX.