Virtual Vendor Cards

Giving credit card information to a vendor shouldn’t mean giving them control over how much you spend. PEX Virtual Vendor cards help ensure you only pay what you want to pay when you want to pay it. And reconciliation is a snap.
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Manage Recurring and Other Vendor Charges

With PEX, you can create a virtual card for each vendor you do business with and set rules for its use. You never have to miss another invoice due date. Or claw back payments for a subscription you tried to cancel.

  • No unexpected charges: Cards created for a specific vendor can only be used to pay that vendor.

  • No missed payments: Automate funding dates, amounts, and more.

  • No hassles: Easily disable cards for vendors you’ve terminated. Or limit card funding to only pay what you’ve approved.

Simplify Vendor and Card Management

The PEX cards and platform allow you to add and delete cards, set spending rules, and more—all from the convenience of your computer or smartphone. You know exactly where each dollar goes, and accounting software integrations make reconciliations a breeze.

  • Easily add and delete vendors: Whether you use the web or mobile platform, you can create virtual cards and set spending rules in minutes.

  • Track and allocate spending in real-time: PEX uses your general ledger codes and integrates with your accounting software to simplify allocations and reconciliations.

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