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PEX is for any organization that needs to move quickly, yet maintain tight spending controls and accurate, up-to-the-millisecond records.

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Designed to Help Turn Workforce Spending into a Competitive Advantage

Workforce spending isn’t just a cost of doing business. It’s goods, supplies, services — virtually every critical element of your organization’s success. But existing tools to manage spending can be outdated, time consuming and expensive.

PEX was founded to build a more advanced, efficient spending solution for everyone. The platform is purpose-built to help you proactively manage workforce spending, streamline operations and leverage actionable, real-time activity data to your advantage.

Thousands of organizations of all sizes now rely on PEX, including some of the most innovative businesses around. And we’re still innovating, still developing new ways to enhance efficiency and drive success.


Leading technology that manages and tracks spending


Streamlines operations for unparalleled efficiency


Flexible controls turn costs into a competitive edge


Delivers dynamic, actionable real-time data

PEX combines a platform that enforces spending rules and streamlines reporting with the flexibility of business prepaid cards.

Who We Are

Like many great ideas, PEX started with a simple insight and a whiff of the future.  Back in 2006, PEX founder Toffer Grant was working in the payment space and continually ran into businesses for whom existing solutions to enable employee spending were not a great fit. They used outdated technology, lacked accountability, required credit checks, took time and generally left the company and the workforce frustrated.

So in 2006, Toffer set out to solve that problem and created PEX - purpose built to meet the needs of those frustrated businesses. Since then PEX has been on a steady march to build and evolve a solution that helps improve the way organizations operate. To make them more efficient, more nimble, more competitive.

From those early, eager days, PEX has evolved into a robust, secure SaaS solution with a deep suite of workforce spend management capabilities, advanced card controls, real-time visibility into card usage, and improved reconciliation processes. More importantly we are providing a better, more effective solution for thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of people in the workforce.

And there’s more innovation to come. Today the expanded PEX team of dedicated innovators and disruptors continue to evolve PEX and find new ways we can help our community of clients operate more efficiently.

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Toffer Grant

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

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Paul Hirschorn

Chief Technology Officer

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