Every purchase is authorized. Every penny is allocated.
Every step is automatic.

With PEX, you can give your staff and volunteers the flexibility to make authorized purchases, while maintaining the tight controls and precise records that auditors and donors demand.

Eliminate time-consuming reconciliations

PEX captures transaction details as soon as the purchase is made, and reports them with your accounting codes. This saves hours in bookkeeping time by:

  • Instantly allocating spending to specific cost centers or accounts
  • Capturing receipts through a camera on cardholder’s smartphone
  • Producing reports for managers and auditors
Protect funds from misuse

There’s no cash access on the card. No petty cash or checks to keep track of. You have complete control of when, where and how our corporate card alternative can be used:

  • Restrict spending to specific merchant categories
  • Fund and defund cards automatically or in real-time
  • Receive email alerts every time a card is used or declined
Control card usage through a web or mobile app

Once PEX is set up, you can control the entire program without having to call a bank. If you need help, 24/7 support is just a phone call away. Simply logon to:

  • Issue prepaid cards without applications or credit checks*
  • Set or change spending limits as needed
  • Authorize and fund one-off purchases in an emergency

See how PEX helps you enable staff spending, while ensuring compliance with your rules and policies.