Centrally control spending at every production or event.

While your spending needs may be unpredictable, your budget isn't unlimited. With PEX's corporate card alternative, you give employees and contractors the flexibility to meet your business needs, while automated & real-time controls enforce your policies.

Manage expenses proactively

Set per-diems and the PEX Platform automatically funds prepaid cards and restricts spending to specific merchant categories or time frames.

  • Set rules for when and where cards can be used
  • Create unique rules for everybody you give a card to
  • Override spending rules to authorize and fund purchases in an emergency
Free your staff from expense reports

Cardholders submit receipts through the PEX Mobile App, along with your custom GL codes. When the card is used, the PEX Platform can allocate the expense to the appropriate job number, client code or other cost center.

  • Streamline approvals and reconciliations
  • Generate reports for managers or clients
  • Spare employees from review and reimbursement backlogs
Direct Control Over Your Card Program

Issue cards, change spending limits, freeze and unfreeze cards—all without contacting a bank or other financial institution. PEX lets you manage your spending program through a web or mobile app.

  • Issue cards without applications or credit checks
  • Fund and defund cards without extra fees
  • Get instant alerts every time a card is used or declined

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