When an out-of-the-box payment solution won’t do. Create a custom solution that’s as smart, fast and nimble as your business. Sync workforce spending with your business operations, using all the advanced features of the PEX platform.

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More than 10,000,000 Cards Issued

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Fully automate administrative functions

Use the PEX API to automate anything you can do through the PEX web or mobile apps, including:

  • Add, edit or delete administrators for your account
  • Issue, activate, deactivate, fund and defund cards
  • Create, retrieve and cancel ACH transfers to your PEX account

Authorize purchases in real-time

Using the PEX API and webhooks, you can give cards to anyone, and control all purchases:

  • Create and enforce bulk spending rules and operations across multiple cards
  • Define spending rules for specific transactions
  • For more operational efficiency, you can use our advanced APIs to eliminate the need of funding individual cards. This gives freedom of spending efficiently with necessary spend controls.
  • Configure PEX APIs to contact your system for approvals before allowing purchases
Authorize purchases in real-time

Sync PEX with your back-end systems

When you manage spending through the PEX API, you build efficiencies into your entire operation:

  • Retrieve and report on transactions by card, group, profit center, and more
  • Configure PEX webhooks to get notifications of certain events, such as card status changes, transactions or card order updates

Find a Solution

From small teams to large, distributed workforces, PEX helps keep workforce spending aligned with your goals.

Go to the PEX Developer Portal:

The PEX Developer Portal provides developers with the documentation they need to integrate PEX Workforce Spend Management into their platform, and manage their business prepaid card program from within their own systems.


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