Integrate With PEX and Automate Financial Processes: How to Make Operations Simpler & More Secure

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Nobody has to sell you on the benefits of financial process automation. What business doesn’t want a more secure, efficient approach that delivers timely, accurate records? The challenge, of course, is getting your different back office systems and software to work together. Your tech leaders will tell you that’s where APIs come in.

Bringing our Premier Corporate Card and Spend Management into Your Accounting, ERP, HR and Other Systems

APIs, short for application program interfaces, are the digital gears that let operations in one software system drive operations in another. In practical terms, this means you can automate away repetitive tasks and manual data entry. Hundreds of PEX customers use our API to:

  • Issue cards and enable spending for new employees
  • Extract PEX transaction details for financial reports and reconciliations 
  • Connect receipts and accounting codes to purchases
  • Define spending rules for transaction times, amounts, merchant categories, and more

For instance, your onboarding system probably collects all the information PEX needs to issue and send cards to employees. When the HR person clicks, “Employee fully onboarded,” The API will transmit a message and PEX will complete the order. There’s no need to visit the PEX dashboard and retype information they’ve already called up or entered. 

The system is available and your information is secure.

Everything You Do with the PEX Dashboard You Can Do From Your Business Software

Customers report that PEX helps them reduce spending and drive enormous efficiencies in their back office. Our platform lets you issue corporate and virtual cards as you see fit (no applications or bank approvals required) and set precise rules for how those cards are used.

The system generates transaction records in real time, captures and matches receipts, allocates the spending to specific accounting codes and queues everything up for easy approvals and one-click reconciliations. Automatically.

The PEX platform already automates many financial processes. We’re working to automate more. And the PEX API lets you connect all the functionality—plus additional capabilities available in our marketplace—to your systems.

Your systems send a request and PEX delivers the results.

A Platform to Build Speed and a Competitive Edge Into Your Operations

Can a mid-sized company compete with the likes of DoorDash and UberEats? Yes. PEX customers have used our API to authorize and enable purchases in real-time:

  1. Our customer’s customer places the order
  2. Their systems send delivery driver gets a notice
  3. The API tells PEX to enable the delivery person’s card and fund the purchase
  4. The API also tells PEX to set spending rules that include transaction amounts and the merchant code
  5. After the purchase, the API disables the card and recovers unspent funds

Meanwhile, all the other PEX functionality works in the background, capturing transaction details and uploading them into the accounting system—all automated and delivered by the PEX API.

Imagine the business opportunities you can create when you automate PEX functionality through our API.

Build and Test Your Application Risk-Free

PEX has always been a developer-friendly organization. PEX open documentation is available here for you to create your developer account and build your solution.

We also offer a sandbox environment where you can test your application and the API, and make sure it works with your existing systems and application endpoints.

Create your developer account here. It only takes a few minutes. And if you’re not familiar with PEX and want to see all we can do for your business, schedule a free demo. Automate your financial processes with a leader in real-time spend management.

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