How PEX Works

PEX is the next generation workforce spending platform

What does that mean? We help businesses with distributed workforces or volunteers be more efficient by providing control for where and when spending can occur. We do this through a robust platform that lets them distribute prepaid cards, control their use, monitor activity in real-time and streamline expense reconciliations. These features are available via desktop, mobile apps and a suite of APIs and web-hooks.

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Give out cards. Turn them on and off. You're in control.

You can give cards to any employee, contractor or volunteer. Their cards will only work where, when and how you choose.

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Set rules. Set budgets. Or set nothing. PEX works for you.

Every person or role can have their own approved merchant category and spending limits. PEX keeps spending in check.


Track spending by the second. (Or Millisecond)

No end-of-billing-cycle surprises. PEX reports transactions in real-time. Cardholders submit receipts and accounting codes with a mobile app.


Our data, platform and capabilities can all be yours.

The PEX API can integrate with your systems to give you a custom, automated payment platform, able to process millions of transactions a day.

Here’s How PEX Works for
Everybody in Your Organization

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PEX for Management/Operations

PEX lets you take a nimble approach to spending, without putting your business at risk.

  • Empower anybody in your organization to spend appropriately.
  • No cash or check hassles; just run your business.
  • Simple interface to define spending privileges by department, individual cardholder, merchant category, time and more.
  • PEX Platform instantly approves or declines purchases according to your settings.
  • Mobile app lets administrators monitor spending and authorize purchases from anywhere, anytime.
  • Scalable solution grows with your needs.

PEX for Finance

Real-time, customizable reporting features save time and help you manage cash flow.

  • Transactions reported in real time; you always know exactly where you stand.
  • Platform can automatically reallocate unspent budgets and per-diems.
  • Up-to-the-second reports are never more than a couple of clicks away.
  • No stacks of receipts; cardholders submit them through a mobile app.
  • Save time and aggravation; PEX automatically allocates purchases to departments or cost centers.
  • PEX integrates with your accounting software for instant reconciliations.
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Card management

PEX for Cardholders

Having to spend money for a boss or organization can be a major hassle. Not with PEX.

  • With PEX, nobody has to use their own money and wait for reimbursement.
  • PEX allocates purchases, making expense reports unnecessary.
  • Cardholder's mobile app lets them know exactly what they can spend on.
  • Mobile receipt capture means one less piece of paper to lose.
  • Administrators issue cards without time-consuming applications or credit checks as this is not a credit card.
  • Our customer service team is always on call, so administrators don't have to be.

PEX for Developers

Use PEX out of the box. Or go under the hood to build an advanced, custom payment platform for your business.

  • Secure API integrates with your systems to give you automated control of all your payments.
  • Your systems can tap into PEX transaction data to dynamically approve and fund purchases, based on complex, granular rules.
  • Real-time webhooks push data to your systems, to trigger processes, communications, and more.
  • Cards have no value; platform can fund a purchase at the precise moment it occurs.
  • PEX Platform can scale to let you process millions of transactions a day.
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Start Growing with PEX

PEX offers tools and support to help you to turn workforce spending into a competitive advantage. What can we do for you?