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API Developer Guide

Our API gives developers access to core tasks and functions within the PEX administrative website.

About the PEX API

PEX is a business expense prepaid card that helps your company control employee spending. You can issue and fund cards, or apply spending controls including restricting spending to specific merchant categories through our PEX admin portal, which includes 24/7 access and mobile support. The PEX platform is also available through a complete set of JSON based APIs which can be used to duplicate every feature available in our admin portal as well as support a few features that aren’t.

The PEX platform can be used to power any proprietary expense management or business payment application and create a seamless payment experience for your users. PEX APIs are organized into seven work groups:

BUSINESS: All functions related to managing your company set up on the PEX platform. APIs are available within this group to:
  • Create, retrieve details on, edit, or delete a business administrator
  • Retrieve and edit your company profile
  • Create, retrieve, and cancel ACH funding requests

DETAILS: All functions related to working with service and account details. APIs are available within this group to:

  • Retrieve card account details
  • Retrieve all transactions for your company or just for one card account
  • Ping the PEX server and return the API version

CARD:  All functions related to managing a card. APIs are available within this group to:

  • Create, activate, retrieve, fund, and close a card account

  • Change status of a card (block or unblock)

  • Create, retrieve, and delete card funding rules

  • Retrieve and edit card spend rules or rulesets
  • Create a PIN
  • ​Adjust the card available balance to zero
BULK:  All functions relating to performing maintenance on a portfolio of cards:
  • Adjust all card available balances to zero
GROUP:  All functions related to creating, assigning cardholders to or removing cardholders from groups.

NOTE:  All functions related to adding, changing or removing notes from a transaction.

TOKEN: All functions related to managing the tokens that are required for API access. APIs are available within this group to:
  • Generate a new access token
  • Retrieve details on an existing token
  • Renew a token

Sample Use Case

ABC Home Services provides plumbing, HVAC, and electrical services to homeowners and small residential rental property owners. Their technicians use a fleet of 65 trucks spread throughout a five county area to make service calls.

Each technician is issued a PEX Card. When ABC Home Services inputs a service order into their CRM system, it is automatically assigned to the most appropriate service technician based on both skillset and location.

An API call is made to the PEX platform to check the technician’s card balance against the anticipated materials cost for the job. If the balance is too low, the card is loaded via the API and receives immediate credit. The authorized merchant categories are also checked and adjusted via the API to assure the technician can complete the materials purchase. When the technician makes the materials purchase, an API is used to add the ABC Home Services service order number to the transaction so that all transactions can easily be tied back to a customer order to simplify accounting cost allocation.

At the end of the day, APIs are used to:

  • Remove any excess funds from technician cards
  • Block technician cards for the night to prevent unauthorized charges

When a technician logs into the ABC Home Services application in the morning (or when assigned an after-hours service call), their card status is restored to active using an API. Transaction histories are also accessed using APIs, which can be monitored for unauthorized purchases and uploaded to ABC Home Services accounting software.

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