Streamline the way you

Authorize, Enable and Track
Workforce Spending

Cloud-based platform, API, & business prepaid cards mean:

Complete Control at
your fingertips

  • Control staff
    PEX virtually eliminates fraud. You define each card’s (or card group’s) spending rules and limits. And if circumstances dictate, you can override rules to fund special purchases—instantly, through a web or mobile app.
  • Automatically
    reconcile books
    PEX integrates with most major accounting programs. No more waiting for charges to settle. PEX captures purchases in real time and instantly allocate to your accounts and ledgers. Up-to-the-millisecond reports are just a click or two away.
  • Customize card
    Issue PEX Cards without applications or credit checks. Set and change spending rules and limits. Freeze, unfreeze, activate and deactivate cards. PEX administrators can do all this and more through a web or mobile app, supported 24/7.
  • Scale for any
    PEX can be a small team’s convenient substitute for checks or petty cash. PEX can support a distributed workforce of thousands. Whether you’re looking for simple efficiency or a robust platform with an API for business process integration, PEX is here to help.

Key Benefits

Become more Efficient

By auto-rejecting unauthorized and over-budget spending, PEX saves you hours of review. Accounting system integration can save hours in reconciliations.

Increase Visibility

PEX tracks spending in real-time, allocates transactions to accounting codes and generates a wide range of reports for managers and auditors.

Scale for your Business

PEX supports large, distributed workforces of thousands as well as small teams who simply want a convenient replacement for checks or petty cash.

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