Peace of mind, achievedPeace of mind, achieved

With PEX you can enable your employees to spend, while maintaining control from anywhere.With PEX you can enable your employees to spend, while maintaining control from anywhere.

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Empower your staff

Employees don’t want to turn to managers for assistance with every purchase. Empower their spending with our expense prepaid cards.

Manage your risk

Enforce expense policies by limiting where and how much your employees can spend. Change their limits as necessary with our mobile app.

Simplify with our APIs

Our free, customizable APIs dramatically streamline and simplify the way you manage the money driving your operations.

Save time & money

Businesses that use PEX report an average of 25% savings on employee expenses. That's no chump change!

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What is PEX?

PEX is the leader in expense management solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. Our comprehensive systems integrate prepaid cards, banks, and popular accounting software to customize and control all aspects of employee spending. 

The PEX solution to expense management is rapidly replacing traditional expense approaches and corporate cards - saving serious time and effort, while greatly improving control. We serve thousands of businesses nationwide, empowering them to focus less on operational hassles and spend more time on their core mission and aspirations.  

Make bookkeeping a breeze

Say goodbye to daily headaches and wasted hours! Sync PEX to your favorite accounting and expense management services for seamless data entry. Learn more.

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