Grants & Rewards Pricing

Grants & GovernmentRewards & Incentives
Setup fee There is an additional setup fee of $2,500 for API customers $399.95$399.95
Card accounts includedUp to 100Up to 100
Additional card accounts Pricing is a one-time fee per card account over 100 $3.50$3.50
Card Expiration Card is valid for 3 years upon issuance 3 Years3 Years
Advanced features provide detailed transaction data and append info to streamline and simplify reporting
Real-time Transaction DataCheckmarkN/A
Batch Exports of Transaction DataCheckmarkN/A
Bulk Card FundingCheckmarkCheckmark
Access to PEX MarketplaceCheckmarkLimited
Exports to Accounting Softwares Reconcile purchases in leading accounting software programs like Quickbooks Online & Xero. Checkmark
PEX Spend Control
Set spend controls from spend amounts, to spend privileges by chosen category, to limit where funds can be spent
Card Lifetime Load Limit$5,000$5,000
Schedule Funding Create rules to automatically fund cards to gain greater control of and visibility into cash flow. CheckmarkCheckmark
Automated Spending Rules With a few clicks and keystrokes, admins can limit merchant categories, spending limits, hours of use and more for each individual cardholder. Checkmark
Build PEX features & functionality into your own solution to maximize efficiency and control. Create a program 'custom-fit' to your needs
Cardholder Mobile AppCheckmarkCheckmark
API accessCheckmarkCheckmark
Custom Card Design & Mailer For an additional fee, PEX can create custom cards and mailers with your identity that help build your brand with card holders.CheckmarkCheckmark
Custom Accounting Integrations Integrate PEX functionality with your accounting systems to get real-time insights into business operations and cash flow. CheckmarkLimited
Transaction Authorization ControlCheckmark
Get the most out of PEX and quickly resolve any issues
24-hour Customer Support Available to cardholders and administrators through a toll-free number or web chat. CheckmarkCheckmark
Custom Training PEX customizes a training plan for your organization and to help launch your program and bring new cardholders and admins on board. CheckmarkCheckmark
Solution Architecture Consultation PEX engineers work with your organization to implement a custom payment platform for your business. CheckmarkCheckmark
Visa's Zero Liability PolicyCheckmarkCheckmark

The smart way to manage your programs

Whether building employee reward programs or grant programs, PEX makes fund disbursement simple.

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