Grant & Public Benefit Disbursements

What do local governments, nonprofits, medical centers, and educational institutions have in common? Their work is invaluable within their communities. That’s why it’s important you don’t waste time or effort in getting funds into the hands of those who need them. Whether your efforts are directed towards research, education, or supporting your community effortlessly watch your grant programs come to fruition with PEX.


More than 10,000,000 Cards Issued

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Tight documentation for auditing and legal requirements

With PEX, you can give your beneficiaries the flexibility to make authorized purchases, while maintaining the tight controls and precise records that auditors and donors demand.

  • Pull real-time reports and set spend rules by MCC code to ensure funds are being spent within grant parameters while maintaining beneficiary privacy.

  • Track grant allocation when you sync PEX with your accounting software. Admins can also refill, block, and check card balances from their dashboard.

Move funds through your program quickly and efficiently

Whether fund usage is contingent upon emergency relief, ad hoc expenses, or recurring disbursements, PEX has features to support all program types. The PEX process ensures speed, simplicity, and security from the control person to the end-user.

  • The PEX Mobile app and PEX for digital wallet allow any cardholder with a smartphone to check balances, preview previous purchases, and make secure on-the-go purchases.

  • Save time by shipping cards directly to those who need them, initiate same-day transfers from your bank and create fund refill schedules to get funds moving quickly.

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