AP Automation for Construction Companies: One Free Solution Is All You Need

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Get Started With No Upfront Costs or Downtime.
Improve Cash Flow with a 30-Day Float.
And Earn Rebates on Every Bill You Pay.

Forget everything you’ve heard about Accounts Payable automation. You don’t have to spend a fortune. You don’t have to drive your bookkeepers batty. And you don’t have to use more time to check the work than it would to pay the bills manually.

PEX virtual vendor cards and software have the tools most construction companies need to eliminate hours and hours of manual labor.

Modern, Paperless Workflow

PEX lets you upload your purchase-related documents to the cloud. From takeoffs and requisitions to change orders, delivery tickets, and invoices, all your documentation is in one place.

Any authorized member of your staff can review this “paperwork” from a desktop computer or mobile device. Any time of the day or night. Anywhere they happen to be.

No more lost documents. No more approval bottlenecks. Lots and lots of improvements in the overall productivity of your accounting staff.

Secure, No-Cost, Paperless Payments

You’d be hard-pressed to find a simpler, more secure payment method than PEX. There are no checks to print, process, and mail. Or be stolen along the way.

With PEX, you pay vendors with Virtual Vendor Cards. You can create a unique card account for each vendor or payment, and program spending limits, dates, and other rules into its use.

The system is designed to abolish any possibility of fraud.

Real-time Payments and Tracking

There’s an old saying in the construction business: Fast pay makes fast friends. And in a business where timely material deliveries are critical, you want your vendors to be fast friends.

With PEX, there’s no waiting for vendors to receive and post payments. The invoice is paid when you say to pay it.

Your vendor immediately receives notice that you’ve paid them. The notice includes all relevant information. They don’t have to look for and reconcile an ACH transaction.

And neither do you.

Automated Reporting and Bookkeeping

PEX cloud software integrates with accounting systems and lets you assign GL codes to virtual vendor cards. Whether you’re charging the purchase to a specific job, budget, or both, PEX instantly and automatically allocates the payment to the correct accounts and queues it up for review.

There are no file folders to comb through and no manual data to enter. Bookkeepers can upload a purchase and all its supporting documentation into your accounting system with one click.

The process is 5X to 9X more efficient than manual, paper-based bill paying.

No Onboarding or Setup Fees

Many of the fees associated with SAAS platforms simply don’t apply to PEX. The banking interface is so simple and straightforward, we absorb the cost to set it up. We also offer free tools to integrate our software with Quickbooks and other accounting systems, plus popular construction software like  CMIC, Sage Intacct, and Procore. 

As for training, the learning curve is pretty much non-existent.

Seconds to Implement, Minutes to Learn

Like many cloud-based software solutions, PEX software is available to you the second you turn it on. Unlike most solutions, you can actually use it. 

Administrators can create a vendor account, set spending rules, and program automated payments in about five minutes. And that’s just the first time they use it.

Once an administrator’s created a few accounts and has the hang of it, setting up and onboarding a vendor can take about a minute.

You can further speed up the process by creating account groups. Set rules for everything from payment dates to spending limits and assign a new account to that group. Every bill in that group will be paid when you say to pay them.

Type a name. Assign it to a group. Done.

Run AP With a Range of Payment Options

PEX offers a uniquely versatile platform for accounts payable.

You can set up an FDIC-insured account for PEX bill paying. Or you can set up automated systems to fund the payments from your business account in real-time.

Qualifying customers may also charge their payments for up to a 30-day float — a major advantage when you’re dealing with tight construction deadlines and budgets.

Our team will work with you to find and implement the best option, or combination of options, for your business. And you’ll be able to manage all your spending needs through a single console on our website or mobile app.

A Proven, Comprehensive Platform

More than 10,000 customers — small businesses, large enterprises, and everything in between — use PEX for their spend and expense management needs. Our customers span the gamut of industries, including entertainment and media, education, health and human services, and not-for-profit Construction companies, contractors, and subcontractors have been growing their businesses on our platform for more than a decade.

Born as an alternative to corporate charge and credit cards, PEX gives you real-time data and controls to streamline operations, prevent unnecessary spending, and reduce costs. The system continues to evolve around the needs of our customers. Our unique approach to agile development delivers dozens of customer-focused features every quarter.

Up to 2% Rebates on Purchases

Now through February 29, 2024, you can earn 1% cash-back on purchases made with PEX Virtual Vendor Cards, and an additional 1% on purchases made within the Professional Services category. That’s up to 2% back just for paying your monthly bills. There are no complicated programs or points to keep track of. We simply reduce the rebate from your payment when the bill comes due.

Don’t Spend Money You Don’t Have To

AP Automation, like any project, can be a big help or a major boondoggle. Before you invest in a system, request a free PEX demo. See how you can save thousands of dollars on software, and gain greater productivity and efficiency in all your company’s spending.

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