5 Ways ServPro Franchises Boost Profits with QuickBooks and PEX

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“Before PEX, we were just using regular debit and other corporate charge cards. We were experiencing a lot of fraud situations and could not really control spending per project. Now, It’s fantastic because we are able to approve each transaction in real time, and also all of the receipts are sent in and we can easily go into QuickBooks, which is the accounting system we use, and can view our transactions all in one place making doing our taxes at the end of the year an easier process”
– SERVPRO Franchisee

If you’re not connecting PEX to your QuickBooks Online account, you’re leaving money on the table.

You’re not saving 5% on your QuickBooks subscription. You’re not getting PEX Credit Expense rebates on purchases. And you’re not benefiting from the spending controls and productivity gains that drive huge profits for hundreds of SERVPRO franchises.

Here’s what you can look forward to (and not) when you connect PEX and QuickBooks:

  1. No more rogue charges: With PEX, you decide how and where corporate cards work. Gas pumps, yes; convenience stores, no. 8 am – 5 pm, yes; 5 pm – 8 am, no. An administrator can easily set and change rules (even on the fly) through our website or mobile app. You control spending without compromising flexibility.
  2. No more lost receipts: Employees photograph and submit receipts through a mobile app. The receipt queues up on your PEX dashboard with the transaction report and your accounting codes immediately. Everything you need to record a purchase and keep track of costs is right there.
  3. No more manual data entry: Just check the transaction and click approve. The charge uploads to the right QuickBooks ledgers, instantly and automatically. You always know exactly what a job costs and where your corporate card spending goes.
  4. No-hassle rebates: PEX automatically provides 1% back that will be reflected on your invoice when your PEX Credit Expense bill comes due — a no-effort boost to your bottom line!
  5. 5% off on QuickBooks for one year: Use PEX Credit Expense and Prepaid vendor cards for your QuickBooks subscription and get a 5% reduction on the charge, every month for a year (terms and conditions apply).

Connecting QuickBooks to PEX takes only a few minutes. Your Customer Success Manager can help you set it up and bring your QuickBooks tags into PEX. 

You’ll get 5% off on QuickBooks and 1% rebates on your spending. You’ll have more control and visibility into your crews’ corporate card usage. And you’ll get to spend a lot less time looking through receipts and syncing up data to enter into your accounting system. 

Which means you’ll have more time to run your business and more time to make money.

Click here for a demo.

If you’re already a PEX customer, ask your customer success manager to help you take advantage of this offer.

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