PEX Gets Better, the World Gets Greener. Announcing the First Product Updates of 2024

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Last month, we showed you how PEX plants trees to celebrate product development milestones. This drives healthy competition among developers – and better features for you. Here are 3 new enhancements (plus a fourth on the way). They’ll make your life easier, and the world greener.

A Faster, More Responsive Dispute Process

Disputes are like taxes. Nobody likes to deal with them, but sometimes you have to. Unlike taxes, however, PEX can make the process, well, less taxing. Here’s how. 

Before, our cardholders started a dispute by calling our call center at 1-866-685-0898. But now, we’ve empowered our customer service representatives to immediately block the card and order a replacement. For all fraud disputes it is mandatory that the card is blocked but not mandatory for non-fraud (e.g. merchant disputes). The rep can also take a report and issue the dispute form, which the cardholder should receive in two days or less via email.

The new process streamlines disputes. So your cardholders can quickly and easily get back to work.

To report a dispute, cardmembers…

Call  1-866-685-0898 any time of the day or night, 7 days a week.

The number can also be found on the back of the cardholder’s PEX card.

New Dimensions for Sage Intacct Users

If you use Sage Intacct’s Restricted or User-Defined Dimensions, you can now tag transactions to these categories within PEX. The transactions will upload to your Sage Intacct account with the right tags and fields. It works with both PEX Credit Expense and PEX Prepaid.

To activate the feature from within Sage Inacct:

  1. Navigate to Company > Admin > Roles
  2. Edit the role for the Web Service User
  3. Click View Subscriptions
  4. Select Permissions for the UDD app
  5. Enable “Read only” permissions
  6. Click Save

Xero is Now 100% Compatible with PEX Credit Expense

Now you can import PEX Credit Expense transactions to your Xero account. Transactions will automatically sync to your Xero Account’s journal entry field with corresponding PEX values. There is no need for manual updates.

This valuable feature only takes a couple of clicks to launch and configure.

  1. Navigate to Apps
  2. Search for Xero
  3. Click Launch

Check out this support article for more details.

Coming soon: Apply for Credit Expense with PDF Bank Statements

If you can’t link your business bank or money market account to Plaid, you will still be able to apply for PEX Credit Expense. You’ll soon see a “Bank statement upload” option to the application. This will allow you to apply for PEX Credit Expense with 3 months of PDF bank statements.

What’s Coming? What Did You Miss?

Did you know that the PEX now offers multi-level approval workflows within the platform? Or that you can receive your PEX card balance via text message?

These are just some of the PEX features we discussed on our Q1 Customer Webinar. 

We also talked about our roadmap. Enhancements in the work include 

  • An Auto Enforce tool to help make sure cardholders get their receipts in on time 
  • A receipt matching feature that uses AI to match receipts to purchases 
  • A bill payment module that lets you use PEX tools to make ACH payments

There’s a lot of innovation to get excited about. As well as a lot of new trees.

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