The Best Corporate Card For Gifting This Holiday Season

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Just ask our not-for-profit customers: There’s no better way to target spending to specific programs and purposes than PEX Disburse Cards. And every year around this time, there’s an uptick in Disburse Card distribution. PEX customers, for-profit and not-for-profit alike, hand out these cards for a job well done. 

Why? Because PEX Disburse cards are more secure and flexible than run-of-the-mill store gift cards. Here’s how.

A Disburse Card Is Any Gift Card You Want It to Be

PEX Disburse Cards let you limit spending to specific times, categories, and merchants. These restrictions help protect against fraud and misuse.

However, these restrictions become incentives when you present the card as a gift. A $25 lunch, for instance. Or a $100 shopping spree at a popular local merchant.

Targeted gifts have a solid emotional appeal.

Use your imagination. With gasoline so expensive,  a $50 tank of gas (or a $50 fill up at a local charging station) comes off as a very thoughtful gift. As does $100 worth of groceries.

Gifts like these, always appreciated, are more appreciated when you use PEX Disburse cards. Using category settings, you give your people the convenience to buy their gas or groceries at any brand they prefer. Not just the brand on the gift card.

Of course, you can also give away disburse cards without any category restriction. Who wouldn’t appreciate $100 to spend anywhere they want.

Even there, PEX Disburse Cards have advantages over ordinary gift cards.

The Bonus That Keeps On Bonusing

It’s one thing to tell an employee, “Thank you for staying late.” It’s another to say, “Thanks for staying late; there’s an extra $25 on your card.”

PEX Disburse cards have a life beyond the holidays.

Tell your employees to hold onto their PEX Disburse cards after they’ve used them. Then add a few extra dollars to the card every time the employee does something special.

The benefits are twofold:

One, It’s an easy and inexpensive way to gift employees. 

Two, every time an employee looks in their wallet, they’ll see a reminder that it pays to go the extra mile for you.

More Secure Than Gift Cards

Americans lost over $228 million to gift card scams last year. 

In one, criminals get their hands on unsold gift cards, scratch off the material covering an unsold card’s code, copy it, and cover the number back up. When the card is sold and activated, the criminal spends the money before you present it as a gift. 

One sure way to prevent that from happening is to give out PEX Disburse Cards.

The cards come with Visa® and PEX security features. And if you put your own spending rules on the card, it’s even harder for a thief to steal the account information and use it.

A Powerful Employee Branding Opportunity

An Amazon Gift Card has one brand on it: Amazon. It has their name, logo, and design. Once you give it out, it’s Amazon’s not yours.

Same with any store card. Even a Visa gift card is just a Visa Card. 

But with PEX, you can put your name right there on the card next to the employee’s. Every time they take the card out, they know where it came from.

If you wish, you can put your logo and design on the face of the card.* Except for a modest one-time setup charge, there’s no extra cost.

Your Visa card, preloaded with money to spend, is one of the strongest branding impressions you can make with an employee.

*Some restrictions apply.

Get PEX Disburse Cards to Distribute In as Little as 3 Days

If you already use PEX cards in your business — any PEX Cards — you have the infrastructure to order, load, and maintain PEX Disburse Cards.

In fact, you can order as many cards as you need and receive them in as little as three days with expedited shipping.

For greater convenience, you can create a card group (or groups) for recipients. That way, you only have to input amounts and other rules once for all the employees who receive cards.

So if you’re looking for a special gift that you can give your employees for the holidays, one that they’ll appreciate and remember, log onto your PEX dashboard today.

It’s the one employee gift card that has bonuses for the employer, too.

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