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Discover Why Customers LOVE PEX: 3 Key Reasons to Choose Us

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and it’s mutual between PEX and our...
Meet PEX: Your Reliable Partner Amid Bento’s Account Closures
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PEX Gets Better, the World Gets Greener. Announcing the First Product Updates of 2024
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AP Automation for Construction Companies: One Free Solution Is All You Need

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Easy and Intuitive: Customers Rave About the PEX Application Process

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12 Tips to Protect Your PEX Account from Risks & Attacks

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PEX Expense Envelope: Breakthrough Expense Tracking for Film and TV Production


How to Combat Mail and Check Fraud with PEX Virtual Vendor Cards

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How A Revolutionary, New Line of Credit Helps You Grow Your Business

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The First Line of Defense Against Fraud Is You

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What’s Best for Your Business? Credit or Debit Cards? 7 Important Considerations.

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How Charge Cards Will Help a Contractor Complete Jobs On Time and On Budget

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How AI Personal Assistants Can Drive Greater Happiness and Productivity

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5 Ways PEX Promotes Mental Health in the Office and Beyond

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What the Best Producers and Production Accountants Want from Cash Management Technology

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7 Cheaper, Smarter Ways to Hire in a Tight Job Market