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Shot of two female coworkers having a discussion in modern office. Businesswomen in meeting using digital tablet and discussing business strategy. Confident business people working together in the office. Corporate business persons discussing new project and sharing ideas in the workplace. Successful businesswomen standing with their colleagues working in background.

Exciting Product Updates from PEX: Enhanced Reimbursements and More

Reimburse Your Employees’ Out-of-Pocket Expenses with PEX Simplifying expense management is crucial for any business....
A group of three multi-ethnic workers at a construction site wearing hard hats, safety glasses and reflective clothing, smiling and conversing. The main focus is on the mixed race African-American and Pacific Islander man in the middle. The other two construction workers, including the woman, are Hispanic.
See Where Your Construction Company’s Financial Processes Stand
Team of five multi-ethnic employee having fun working together in an open plan office with big windows.
Building Success at PEX: Teamwork, Customer Service, and Employee Care
Business people, laptop and meeting in planning, teamwork or coaching for project on bokeh background at office. Group of happy employees working on computer for schedule plan, ideas or team strategy
Why Your Finance Department Should Believe In Ghost Cards

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