Prepaid Business Debit Cards In Lieu of Check Reimbursements

If you are like most small businesses, one of the most tedious tasks that adds very little value to your operation is the process of writing checks. And it goes beyond just writing them (even if you are using an automated system), to include disbursing and time consuming reconciliation as well. These wasted hours add up, especially when you consider how much more productive you and your staff could be by utilizing that time to generate revenue and reduce expenses.

An area where the PEX Card Service can help tremendously to improve your business is by completely eliminating check reimbursements for employee expenses. You can provide your employees with a prepaid Visa debit card, linked to PEX Card’s web based, real-time monitoring, tracking and reporting capabilities. It’s extraordinarily easy to add or delete funds from each employee’s prepaid business debit card. This combination of features offers employees the freedom and flexibility to make company authorized purchases, while you can control how much, where and when they spend, anytime day or night.

As a result, you have complete control and a full accounting of each employee’s spending all in one place for easy reference and efficient expense management. Stop issuing unnecessary checks to employees for business expense reimbursement and avoid the reconciliation hassle that goes along with it. Check that inefficient process off your list and check in with PEX Card.

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