Prepaid For Business: Spend Visibility

A word that is used quite frequently in the financial community is “visibility.” It has often been attributed to the ability for publicly traded companies to provide guidance on their future business performance. But more importantly, visibility is critical for small and mid-sized businesses to accurately and quickly assess their cash flow position and determine in a timely manner how, where and when their cash is being expended.

What we are hearing at PEX Card: A number of our clients using the PEX Card Service have typically relied upon traditional business company credit cards for employee business expenses. However, too frequently the business owner is surprised at some of the expenses their employees had charged when the bill finally arrives weeks after the spending occurs. By using the PEX Card Service, our clients now can better manage employee expenses and cash flow with the unique benefits of a prepaid debit card and the associated real-time monitoring, tracking and reporting capabilities. We are thrilled with the feedback we have received.

As more small business owners recognize that there is a terrific alternative to credit cards, one that is a reloadable prepaid debit card that can save their company's time and money, they have come to appreciate the expense management solutions built in to PEX Card. Improve your visibility. Take a look and see for yourself.

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