Prepaid For Business: When Banks Cut Credit

While there are signs the economy is starting to look up, credit is still scarce. New credit has become difficult to qualify for and existing credit lines are being cut or suspended. Without this lifeline, small businesses can quickly run into cash flow issues. However, just because credit has disappeared for now it doesn’t mean your business has to disappear too. When banks cut credit, creative business owners can still find a way to make it work with business pre-paid cards. Instead of relying on a bank for financing, you can finance yourself. Prepaid cards can be funded from one account, letting you put cash in and distribute it as needed. Plus, an online control panel lets you view and manage all expenditures, ensuring your cash flow stays in the black. Don’t let sudden changes in credit or low credit limits harm your business. Prepaid cards can be more reliable and controllable, giving you piece of mind.

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