New Features for PEX Customers – 4.5 Release


PEX has released some exciting new features for Administrators and API users with its 4.5 release. We now validate additional input fields to reduce error, and will be archiving transaction history data older than 12 months. Plus, we made some bug fixes and improvements.

Enhancement #1
What is it? Validation on input fields
Where is it happening? Admin site and API
Who is it for? PEX Admins and API users

On the Admin website, we're adding extra validation to several input fields. When typing invalid values for that field, a red outline or a yellow informational message will appear during input to prevent the user from submitting those values.

In the API, invalid field values will result in a 4xx response.

Enhancement #2
What is it? Transaction History Data
Where is it happening? Admin site and API
Who is it for? PEX Admins and API Users

Transaction history is now limited to 12 months. When trying to access data older than 12 months, you will see an error message asking the user to contact Client Services. This will impact card transaction history, business transaction history (Account) and reports. Card and Business statements are not restricted. You can continue to access the full history of statements.

Enhancement #3
What is it?  Bug Fixes and Improvements
Where is it happening? Admin and Cardholder sites and API
Who is it for? API users, Administrators, Cardholders

Various bug fixes and improvements for the Admin and Cardholder websites and API.

For full details on this release, please view the 4.5 Release Notes.

Are you an API user or have questions about these updates? Contact the PEX Admin Support Team: 1-866-685-1898 or [email protected]

Pam Matheson is PEX's Chief Product Officer. She works to define the product, implement the processing system, create key partner integrations, and establish PEX's customer service methodology. A veteran of the prepaid card industry, Pam has also worked in product development for Clarity Payment Solutions and TSYS Prepaid.

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