FAQs: Customer and Administrator Representations on the PEX Application

By submitting an application for a PEX Account, the Applicant represents and warrants in an individual capacity and as an authorized representative of Customer that:

  • Customer is a business entity that is organized, registered, and located in the United States
  • Customer has a valid U.S. Employer Identification Number (EIN) (unless the Natural Person Applicant is applying as a sole proprietor) 
  • Customer is validly existing and in good standing in its jurisdiction of organization
  • Customer is not engaged in any Prohibited Activities
  • The Natural Person Applicant is authorized to provide information about Customer, submit the application on behalf of Customer, enter into binding agreements on behalf of Customer, authorize debits from Linked Accounts, and manage Customer’s PEX Account
  • The Applicant is not and is not affiliated with a Prohibited Person
  • All information Customer and Applicant provide to us is and will be current, accurate, and complete
  • Customer will use its PEX Account exclusively for its business purposes and not for any personal, family, or household use
  • Customer has reviewed this Platform Agreement and the terms, agreements, or policies incorporated by reference and agrees to be bound by them
  • All Linked Accounts designated by Customer are business rather than consumer accounts and are not established or used for personal, family, or household purposes

Verification and Validation of Information

PEX, its Service Partners, and Third-Party Service Providers rely on the accuracy of the information you provide when opening and maintaining your PEX Account. You may be required to verify information previously provided or provide additional information in the course of applying for or receiving ongoing Services.

You acknowledge that you have obtained or will obtain appropriate consent and authorization of any person whose Personal Data you provide before sharing such data with PEX.

You acknowledge and agree that we may use and provide Customer Data and Personal Data to Program Partners and Third-Party Service Providers to validate the information you have provided and determine your eligibility for the Services, as described in our Privacy Policy.