Travel More Efficiently – Easy Tips for Business Travel

In the past, we've blogged about business travel tips: travel apps for event planners, and how to simplify your receipts during business travel. With some help from Inc Magazine, check out some more great ways to travel more efficiently. You will be grateful for time saved!

Loyalty Programs
When you join a loyalty program and stick to it, those points add up! Whether it's airline, hotel, car rental (or all three), not only do you earn by spending, but odds are you will be treated to other perks: free checked bags, upgrades, early check-in, and better customer service. Do some research and figure out what loyalty program works best for your business travel needs. Find some more info here and here.

TSA Precheck and Global Entry
Even the savviest business traveler knows that the one thing out of their control are lines at airport security. You can save time, not to mention reduce stress, by applying for TSA's Precheck program. For a small annual fee, you submit to a background check and enjoy designated security lines, no removing shoes or laptops, etc. International business travelers will appreciate an expedited customs process with Global Entry.

Bring A Spare Phone Battery
How many times have you forgotten a charger, or hunted for an outlet at an airport with none in sight? Your phone dying at an inconvenient time can be a huge hassle- particularly if you depend on mobile check-ins and boarding passes. Save yourself the headache and pick up a spare battery. Check out the reviews of some top battery packs here.

For more tips from Inc, click here.

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