To Hire or Not to Hire?

As your SMB or startup company grows, you may find yourself wearing as many hats as the accessories department in Bloomingdale’s. As an entrepreneur, it is almost a cliché to say that wearing many hats can be a good thing – but how many hats is too many? When the time is right, it may be smart to hang up some of those fedoras, caps, bonnets and boaters and give them to someone else. Hiring employees can be a complicated process, but building a strong and efficient team to help you run your business can also be extremely rewarding and worth it. 

How do you know what time is the right time?
You find yourself wishing you could spend more time building your business, rather than just maintaining it. Hiring is key to business growth. If you are worried about the cost of hiring an employee, think about it in a different light – can you afford to NOT hire and possibly stunt your businesses' growth?

You are knowingly missing opportunities.
You are doing it all, and have your hands so full that an opportunity you would usually jump on accidentally slips away. All it takes is one opportunity to completely change your business. Don't let these fall through the cracks because you're balancing business development, sales, accounting, marketing, being a social media guru and being a janitor.

Common sense
Sometimes it can be hard to admit when you need help.  Take a close look at yourself, your business, and your current employees (if you have any).  Are you or your employees burning out? A frazzled employee or owner never makes for a happy or productive business.

Happiness = productivity and efficiency
Adding employees not only allows for you to expand your business and cast a wider net for your products or services, but also allows for improved efficiency and a more well-rounded business overall. The right team and the skills new employees bring to the table are key to supporting you in running a successful business. Sometimes it's time to hang up your hat and hand it off to someone else to wear.



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