This Week in the Back Office: Cutting Down on Business Travel Expenses


We get it — it's impossible to stay on top of every expense management story. To keep you up to speed, we're recapping this week's top stories in our series, “This Week in the Back Office.” Read on for the latest news, thoughts, and trends related to the back office that you can't afford to miss.

7 Smart Ways to Slash Business Travel Expenses

Travel Leaders Corporate reported last month that the cost of corporate travel is on the rise. So what can you do to keep your travel budget intact? Find out here.

Q&A: Dear Business Credit

No one wants to think about the death of an executive but you should still be prepared for it. If your boss passes away and and you are the only authorized user on the account, does this leave you responsible for paying off the remaining credit card debt? Find out here.

LA Times Music Critic Resigns After $5k Strip Club Expense

Sasha Frere-Jones, best known for his work as a music critic and writer for The New York Times, Slate, and most recently The Los Angeles Times, is now the center of some heated criticism himself after abruptly resigning from the LA Times due to an alleged $5,000K expense report from a strip club. Check it out here.

A British Town Weighs Its Officials' Merits, With Scales

A small town in High Wycombe, England continues its historical tradition of publicly weighing elected officials in the town square to determine if they have “grown fat” at the taxpayers' expense. Check it out here.



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