The Future of Events & Corporate Meetings


The last decade of events and corporate meetings has changed entirely due to the rapid increase of technology. But what's next? Where do event planners go from here? An article from BizBash lets us in on what forward-thinking event planners think is in store for the event and live experience space for the next five years, and beyond.

Technology will be everywhere.
Even more than it currently is, expect technology to be incorporated into every aspect of event and conference planning. Maybe soon you'll order something to your table from an app, instead of a waiter. There will likely be better quality, less expensive video projection, in addition to touch screens, video mapping, and holograms.

Smaller events.
Expect events and corporate meetings of the future to be more intimate. Many black-tie, formal events will be replaced with more informal networking and socializing. Events will aim to have the exclusive “after-party” feel. The small number of guests will end up being ambassadors to the event via social media.

Less Branding.
Brands will still be present at events and conferences, but they will be less obvious and invasive. Events need to be extremely photo-worthy (read: social media-worthy) so the brand should be seamlessly incorporated into the event decor.

DIY Catering
Event attendees are showing up with an increasingly refined palate, so it's a essential they have menu options. Event planners envision even more interactive food stations that cater to special diets and food allergies to create a DIY experience wherein they become the chef.

For more clues to the future of event planning, please check out the full article from BizBash here!

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