Small Business Saturday- a Bunch of BS?

One day out of 365 to show support for Small Business. Just one! 24 hours of recognition for the long hours and sweat equity small businesses put in to keep everything running smoothly and to compete against big box retailers.


Listen – It's great that there is any recognition at all, especially that heartwarming American Express commercial that makes you feel that you have the opportunity (obligation?) to support your local small businesses for one day on November 30th. Give yourself a big pat on the back for going to your local deli, instead of BJ's for one day! 


Small businesses deserve more.


If you're going to support small businesses, you should have their back year round, not just one day where you make a conscious effort to avoid the big box retailers or large chains. 


Supporting local SMBs all year has benefits, both economic and social, that rarely happen with larger businesses. If you get to know the owners and employees of local small businesses, you can build personal relationships. As a result, you often times receive high quality and even personalized service. In a time where you're largely just another number or social media data point, walking in the door, being addressed by name and having a nice little chit-chat with someone who knows you and your preferences, is always, in my opinion, a special and more satisfying experience.


Don't get me wrong… Starbucks is great. But after going to the same one, and giving them my business for so long (even the same barista most of the time), they still spell my name wrong and oftentimes write the wrong name on the cup. Walking into the Irving Place Coffee & Tea Bar on my block, or to the same coffee cart on the corner of 36th and Broadway – they know my name, we're happy to see each other on these cold Autumn mornings, and overall, I feel more satisfied about the dollars I just spent. 

So on this Small Business Saturday, November 30th, you should definitely head out and support your local small businesses, but give some serious thought to continuing that support year round. Not just for their benefit, but for yours. 

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