Prepaid Card For Business: Fuel Cards for Cash Free Purchasing

Are your employees paying in cash for their gas? While cash can be an easy way to pay since it requires no set up apart from a trip to the ATM, it also has a number of drawbacks, including being difficult to keep track and not being secure. Making sure drivers receive and collect receipts can be a hassle and if a receipt is missing it causes a gap in the records. Fortunately, going cash free may be easier than you think.

Fuel cards are available for cash free purchasing. These retail gas cards can work like a credit card at the gas pump and can give you a record of exactly where fuel was purchased and how much was spent. In addition to keeping tabs on funds, this information can let you take a closer look at which vehicles are using the most gas, giving you insight into the fuel efficiency of your fleet.

And an even better an easier route to go would be a prepaid card for business. These cards can be used not just on fuel, but on any expense you approve for a particular card. So if a driver is stranded with a flat tire, you can put funds on that prepaid card for business to pay for new tires and even a hotel room for the night if needed. Since this is a prepaid card, you never have to worry about obtaining credit or having an employee rack up charges beyond expenditures are approved. With PEX Card, you can give employees the buying power they need while keeping your peace of mind.

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