PEX Card Launches

We have exciting news! Today is the launch of the PEX Card Service.

PEX Card empowers you to streamline employee spending processes through technology and forward thinking financial products. Take control of spending by creating customizable user profiles for each cardholder, improve visibility into cash flow with real-time access to spending and reports while ensuring that employees have access to the funds they need to do their jobs. The service is here to save your organization time, money, and resources.

How does the PEX Card Service work? Using web tools that are efficient and simple to use, you are able to manage your company’s money and employee spending with ease. Login to our administrative website to order personalized PEX Visa Prepaid Cards your employees keep for the duration of their employment and use as directed by your company. The administration website enables you to activate cards, add/remove card balances, modify per diem and merchant category limits for each cardholder – giving you peace of mind and assurance that funds are safe. You can automate or manually command how employees use their cards. And, you will always know your cash position because the service displays real-time data about cardholders and spending.

The PEX Card Service is a great tool for per diems, petty cash, T&E, procurement, and more. To take a closer look at the service, visit our demo – which you can find on our home page. And if you have additional questions, you’ll probably find all the answers you need on the “How it works” page.

Additional perks of the card service include no transaction, deposit, or administrative seat fees that you might find with other online accounting services or corporate credit cards. And, the PEX Visa Card comes with a 60 day free trial, so there are no monthly card service fees to try the program.

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