Earn More Cash Back and Watch It Grow! Introducing PEX’s Recent Product Feature Updates

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What’s New at PEX? 3 Product Features, 1 Great Promotion, and a better way to manage your account

It’s that time again. The time when we announce the amazing things happening at PEX. And, more importantly, how they benefit you.

Read on to learn about new features that help you track, reconcile, and earn rebates— with virtual vendor cards and a new PEX Credit Expense feature. You’ll also get the skinny on a double cash-back promotion for select PEX Virtual Vendor Card purchases. And we’ll preview a software update that lets you configure PEX to support your approval workflows.

Watch Your Cash Back Rebates Grow

PEX customers earn 1% cash back rebates on all Credit Expense and Virtual Vendor Card  purchases. These rebates are automatically credited to your account.

And now it’s easier than ever easy to see how much you’ve earned. Simply go to the new Rebate Rewards section on your PEX dashboard, below Payment history. Here you can see all the rebates you’ve earned both for this year and for all the time you’ve been using PEX.

Limited Time: Earn Double Cash Back

Now you can earn 2% cash back on qualified professional services paid for with PEX Virtual Vendor Cards. This offer is only available for a limited time. Learn more here and start doubling earnings TODAY!

Aplos Users, PEX Now Syncs Rebates for Easier Reconciliation Management

While rebates are great for the bottom line, not-for-profit organizations need to ensure they account for every penny across each budget correctly.

This reconciliation is now easier for customers who use the PEX Connector for Aplos, where PEX rebates directly into your Aplos account of choice and even supports 990 Tags.

This feature works for all PEX rebates, including those earned from Virtual Vendor Cards and  Credit Expense. 

To access this capability:

  1. Log into the PEX dashboard and navigate to the Apps tab
  2.  Select the PEX Connector for Aplos
  3.  Go to Manage sync and locate the Transaction Options page
  4. Set the Contact, Fund, Account and 990 Tag Option to process rebates

New Money Market Support Expands Credit Expense Possibilities

Now you can do more with Credit Expense, a robust credit offering for managing day-to-day expenses. We’ve expanded support to include linkage to business money market accounts. This is in addition to already-supported traditional checking and savings accounts.

If you’re not yet using PEX Credit Expense, this option can make it easier to qualify for our no-interest, no-fee line of credit. For current users, linking additional accounts may give you access to a higher line of credit.* Not to mention more cash-back rebates.

Either way, you earn higher money market interest rates during each billing cycle.

To link a Money Market account:

  1. Log into PEX Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Business Settings 
  3. Click External Accounts
  4. Select Money Market Account from the dropdown menu
  5. Enter your account details

 *Terms and conditions apply

PEX Customers, Earn 1% Back on Purchases with Credit Expense

Credit Expense gives you the same spending controls, real-time tracking, and accounting integrations as our Prepaid Expense cards with added float and wider acceptance at Rental Cars and Online Ads. You can manage credit and prepaid cards from the same dashboard. Moreover, you automatically earn 1% cash back rebates on Credit Expense purchases

It only takes a few minutes to apply. Your application has no impact on your credit score. Apply now:

  1. Log into your PEX dashboard
  2. Click New Account
  3. Choose Credit Expense from the list dropdown menu
  4. Complete the application including linking your bank account(s) 
  5. Receive a decision on an approval in a few minutes

Once you’re approved, you use your account and start earning rebates immediately.

New to PEX? Consider This New Kind of Credit Line and Charge Card.

Credit Expense is a no-interest, no-fee credit line that you tap into with the unparalleled flexibility of Visa® Commercial Cards.

You can distribute these business charge cards freely because the back-end software lets you control when and how each card can be used. In fact, you can distribute disabled cards, turn them on for a purchase (with limitations for merchants and amounts), and turn it off again when the transaction’s complete. PEX reports spending to your finance department in real-time using your accounting codes. And the system integrates with accounting software — a feature that saves even small organizations hundreds of man hours a year. Get a free demo here. Or apply for Credit Expense here.

Coming Soon: Support for Your Multi-Level Approval Workflows

If your organization is like most, certain large purchases may require multiple approvals. You may have policies to dictate which departments, groups, or individuals need to sign off, depending on the transaction’s size and requester. 

Soon, you’ll be able to manage and control these large purchases with PEX. 

We’re putting the finishing touches on a feature that will let you set a threshold for purchases that require additional approvals, according to your policies. Approvers can then furnish their approvals through the PEX administrator website or mobile app.

For example, you can set a policy that will require the IT Department to approve any software purchases over $5,000. Any attempt to purchase software above that amount would require IT department approval. That approval can be provided through the PEX Website or Mobile app.

The automated solution can speed up approvals and enhance purchase visibility, all while maintaining your normal workflow.

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