Need Accounting Advice? Just Google It: This Week in the Back Office

Nowadays, most people turn to Google to solve small questions on the go. But last year, U.K. researchers found that a significant number of small business owners were asking Google important financial questions, too. That hasn't changed, according to the latest report findings.

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) found that while 22 percent of small business executives would ask a trained accountant for financial advice, 19 percent of executives simply ask Google instead.

“Starting your own business can be a daunting process. This research shows that many people who want to run their own business may need more help when they're starting out,” says AAT Head of Business Development Rob Alder. “If you have a business idea, it's essential you do as much research as possible to ensure your idea has the best chance to succeed.”

But there's a catch. Alder says it is important for small business owners to get as much information as possible — but from multiple, reliable sources. At the end of the day, confidence in yourself and your idea is important, but experts will help you succeed. Check out the full story.

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