Marketing Your Fleet with 4 Essential Tips


So much of fleet management is about maintaining quality relationships with your customers: managing your fleet operations well, providing excellent customer service, and being efficient with your time. Times are changing and it's more essential than ever that not only do businesses cater to their current customers, they actively seek and market to new ones. In order to market and expand your fleet business, Fleet Owner magazine suggests adhering to the four “P”s: product, place, promotion, and pricing.

Before anything else – your product or service, in whatever form, needs to be the best. Make sure your fleet is in top condition and that you provide reliable, efficient service. How does your product compare to your competitors in the same area? Scope out your competition, and maybe learn a thing or two that can help you improve your own product.

The physical place you sell your service might be local, regional, or even nationwide. Understand your marketplace and the unique needs of customers and potential customers within that market. Don't waste your time or money targeting the wrong people. When you know your region, be aggressive in marketing your fleet toward needs of those customers to win their business.

When most people think of promotion, old brochures or direct mail often come to mind. Today, marketing and promotion is highly inventive and goes way beyond that. You should have a simple, easy to navigate website with current information. A company page on LinkedIn is essential, and your sales people should also be using the site to network. Other social media networks like Facebook or Instagram are great to show off your company to potential new clients or even attract new drivers.

Pricing your fleet involves an incredible balance of what you know your fleet is worth, how the market values your service, and customers wanting your fleet service at a lower and lower cost. Know the value of your service, and determine how competitive you want your pricing to be in order to attract new customers. While you may argue that your excellent service deserves a premium rate, the market will ultimately determine your pricing.

Bottom Line: Pay close attention to each of the four “P”s: product, place, promotion, and pricing. Each deserves an honest evaluation and strategy to move forward. Ultimately, you know your business better than anyone. With good business, excellent service, and some marketing hustle, your business will attract new customers and continue to grow! For more tips from Fleet Owner, check out the full article here.

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