Launching a business app? Here’s what you need to know.

Much of today's business is conducted via a mobile device — whether smartphone or tablet — so it's practically required that companies have a way to reach their customers through at least a mobile-compatible website, if not an app. If your company does decide to produce an app, Inc. magazine has some tips to manage this stressful but exciting process:

What is the timing of the launch? Is your app going to be launched around a certain day of the week, or is a there a holiday that might impede the launch? Will you depend on a third party to launch the app?

Have some planning discussions regarding the various target audiences who will use your app. Keep track of your competitor's app features. What might they have that you don't?

Launch a section of your website dedicated to promoting the app. Include features and screenshots.

When customers log in, keep them updated on any new features you may have added.

Post progress reports on the creation of the app. Let your customers feel like an “insider” on the process, and get them excited about what's coming. Depending on how you usually reach your base, both social media or regular email updates are a great way to keep people informed about the progress of the app, the creation process, and exciting features. When it's released, you can blast your followers on various social media platforms and email simultaneously to let them know the app has arrived!

Your staff should know about the app, it's features, and be trained on how it works. They should be able to answer any basic questions on the functions of the app, and dedicated staff should be trained on its specifics. Prepare a Help or FAQ to alleviate staff time spent fielding questions about the app.

Of course, these are just the basics. Every company has its own needs and challenges, and apps are no exception. What may work for one app might not for another. To read the rest of the article from Inc, click here. Best of luck with your app launch!

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