Increase Productivity with these 7 Mobile Apps


These days, smartphones rarely leave our pockets or hands. We take them everywhere we go and with the development of 4g capabilities and powerful processing, they can serve as an amazing productivity tool. From calendars and scheduling, note-taking and reminders, to mobile office suites, smartphones have slowly morphed into personal assistants. Below are 8 of our favorite mobile productivity apps:

Evernote Evernote, simply put, is note heaven. You can store notes with voicemails, recordings, images, and website links. Once you label your notes, you can turn them into reminders and share them. It's a great way to stay organized, not to mention that it syncs up all of your devices, so no matter if you're on your iPad, smart phone, or laptop, all of your information will be in the same place.

Dragon Dictation Imagine Dragon Dictation as a personal assistant following you around and typing up everything you say. Just tap the red button and speak into your phone, whether a thought to remember or an interview you want to transcribe, Dragon Dictation will write it down for you. No time is wasted transcribing notes.

Mailbox Mailbox's slogan is “put email in its place,” and rightfully so. Mailbox, is the ultimate mail tool. This highly organized and simple app lets you add up to 10 mail accounts, and is set up in a way where you won't be spending hours, or even minutes sorting through your mail.

Stay on track with Cal. When you use Cal, you not only have location and network information a click away with high functionign maps, social integration, and contacts, but it also syncs with your existing calendar and connects to so you can easily link your events to deliverables.

To-do lists With, you'll never forget something again.This feature-packed app allows you to create and easily input tasks, reminders, events, and to-do lists. Time sensitive reminder notifications alert you, and you can easily mark them complete when you are done. You can also share all of your info with friends, family, and colleagues.

Cloud Storage
Dropbox Easily share and access docs in the cloud (and simultaneously save trees!) Dropbox Dropbox allows you to access files in the cloud- which means you can access them from anywhere, anytime. This makes it easy to share files with your team who can view and even edit them.

Office Suite
A Google app for iPhones and android. Open and edit Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on your phone or tablet.

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