Giving Tuesday: Our Citymeals on Wheels Experience


Citymeals on Wheels, a nonprofit organization registered as a New York Charity, is one of the largest meals on wheels organizations in the United States. Gael Greene and James Beard founded the organization after discovering that a large number of homebound elderly New Yorkers were going without food on weekends and holidays. Since 1981 they have ensured that no isolated elder in New York goes without nourishment or human companionship. 

Watching the city in which we are headquartered suffer during the lengths of the pandemic, we at PEX thought it was important to find ways to help others within our own backyard. Once volunteer opportunities began to reopen during this past summer, we coordinated with Citymeals on Wheels to help deliver meals to these individuals who need them. Our staff was able to work alongside theirs and see a glimpse of what their day-to-day looks like. Getting to go door to door and meet the people within this program allows us to witness first hand how important food security efforts are.

Some of our own at PEX have shared a few words about their experience after volunteering at Citymeals on Wheels:

After volunteering for the first time a short time ago for Citymeals, I was able to see the operations that go within this nonprofit organization. The entire experience and purpose behind what they do for the community was truly inspiring, and I feel as though they are really making a difference in the lives of many elderly New Yorkers. This organization has an army of volunteers which is what makes their mission so successful. – Lindsay Allen, Marketing Assistant

This last volunteer event with CityMeals, our group delivered a meal to a lady who was in a wheelchair at the top of a three story walk up. Nathan, the volunteer from our group who went up, spent a few minutes just getting to talk to her, and he said she lit up having someone to spend time with. Looking back on our previous events and deliveries, I can always say the effort is worth it.” – In Sang Song, Software Engineer

To learn more about Citymeals on Wheels, or to donate, visit their website here.

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