Fast Approval and No Credit Check with Prepaid Credit Cards

Gaining access to a small business credit card has become difficult in the last couple of years as credit has become tighter and fewer applications are approved. Even for those that do qualify, the low credit lines or high interest rates involved can be hurdles. However, business credit cards can still be useful since they are convenient for purchasing supplies for a job or getting money to the field for travel or other expenses.
There is good news. You can be guaranteed approval for a card with prepaid for business. There is no drawn out application process and no arbitrary credit limits are imposed. As long as you are a valid business, with a business checking account, you will be approved. So you can stop giving out the petty cash or dealing with reimbursements and start managing all these purchases in a more controlled way. A corporate prepaid card functions much like a credit card, but you put the money onto the card before purchases are made. There are no interest charges and no credit limits; you’re calling the shots, not your bank.
Don’t wait to hear if a bank has accepted your application or not. Choose a card that comes with guaranteed approval so you can get started now.

For corporate card empowerment without the credit risk, check out PEX.

Toffer Grant is PEX's Founder and CEO. He founded PEX in 2006 as a prepaid card solution for small businesses. His background in the prepaid industry began at Clarity Payment Solutions, where he initiated 65 prepaid card programs in consumer, corporate, and emerging verticals of the prepaid card industry. 

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