Eliminating Street Cash and Personal Credit Cards


Political campaigns are organic things. They come together quickly, then expand as new people are added to the staff and evolve as new challenges are recognized and met. Getting them organized and all pulling in the same direction is no small feat. Staffs are cobbled together—from Fund Raising Director and Treasurer down to the grass roots volunteers—all with the same goal, but all with different roles and responsibilities. To be successful, political campaigns have to be efficient and nimble enough to respond to unexpected changes on the ground.
Part of the challenge of running a campaign is mobilizing and empowering staff who need to spend on supplies, food or travel. And, those needs can pop up at any time. These are just a few of the reasons why the smartest campaigns are turning to PEX to manage their spending.

  1. A campaign has to be adroit. Spending needs arise suddenly out in the field. If staffers don’t have ready access to funds, opportunities will be missed.

  2. The old way relies on cash. But cash can’t be tracked or trusted and it raises questions around ethics. Plus, cash is slow. Staffers can’t wait on funds.

  3. Sharing a personal credit card? That leaves staff members waiting in line unable to spend, instead of getting things done. It also means staffers will have to wait to be reimbursed and it opens the door to personal expenses mixing with campaign expenses.

Why not avoid the legacy method of campaign finance management.  The PEX platform offers innovative, industry-leading expense management with the ease, efficiency and transparency of prepaid cards. Nothing else is quite like it.
When a campaign adopts the PEX platform it is immediately empowered with the ability to fund its staff quickly to meet daily spending needs. Staff members can request funds in just a few clicks, while administrators can supply funds just as fast. That means when staffers are out in the field and need to fuel up to continue canvassing or need a fresh supply of campaign posters, they can do it without delay.
In addition to allowing political campaigns to mobilize staff more efficiently, the PEX platform also allows administrators to track spending in real time, capture receipts with a simple photo taken on a smartphone, and stay compliant with federal and local campaign finance laws.
We at PEX take pride in the fact that we are helping political campaigns eliminate cash and become more efficient when it comes to their spending. To learn more about how we can help campaigns fund their staff faster, track transactions and stay compliant, schedule a demo with us below.

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