Easy and Intuitive: Customers Rave About the PEX Application Process

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Applying for business financial services isn’t something you do every day. And when you have to do it, the application can be a giraffe-sized pain in the neck. Which is why we’re tickled pink (and blue and green and every other color we can think of) that on a 100-point scale, customers gave the PEX application a Customer Effort Score (CES) 85.

“The process was very simple and intuitive,” said one customer.

“Easy,” said another.

“Very easy,” gushed a third.

CES is a rolling 30-day comparison of customer satisfaction with the effort that goes into completing the application. The higher the score, the happier the customer.

In another measure of ease, we find that more than 4 out of 5 customers complete the application the same day they start it. 

“Simplicity is in our DNA,” PEX Chief Operating Officer Stanley Yung explains. “Our products streamline every step in the expense cycle—from approving and funding purchases to reporting and reconciling spending. Of course, we make our applications as simple as possible.”

Simple and Secure

Once you gather the necessary paperwork, you should be able to complete the application in about 15 minutes. Amazing when you consider the legal, regulatory, and bureaucratic requirements for provisioning advanced business-to-business financial services. 

The forms, though simple, are also secure. They’re built with state-of-the-art encryption. Any data you input, whether you’re typing it on your computer or submitting it to our servers, complies with all data protection regulations and standards.

“Our engineers seamlessly integrated security into the application,” notes PEX Chief Technology Officer Paul Hirschorn. “The form adds confidence without complicating the user experience.”

PEX Representatives Get Rave Reviews, Too.

Speaking of user experience, if you have any questions during the application process, helpful representatives are just a chat box or phone call away. They get high marks, too:

“Any time I called, the service has been wonderful.”

“They treat their customers great, with a lot of respect. I feel valuable.”

Though pleased with scores and reviews, PEX Chief Executive Officer and Founder Toffer Grant wasn’t surprised. “We never treat customer experience like a marketing buzzword,” he says. “It begins long before the first transaction and continues through every interaction.”

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