Does this morning ritual sound familiar?

You arrive to the office – barely on time – then spend the first half hour “settling in” to your desk. You grab a cup of coffee, or run out for a bagel, then chat with coworkers. When you finally get on your computer, you skim through emails, maybe check a social media site (or two), or browse some news articles (read: Buzzfeed).

Before you know it, it is 10:30 or 11am, no significant work has been done, and you are already starting to think about lunch.

If this rings a bell, you probably are aware that you are wasting some of the most productive hours of your entire day—the morning. SMBs in particular can’t afford to let valuable hours slip by. Fortunately, Entrepreneur magazine has come up with five creative and easy ways to start your day off right: check it out!

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