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On February 24th I appeared as a guest on Anita Campbell's internet radio show / podcast called Small Business Trend Wire. The title of the show is "Control Employee Expenses and Reimbursement: PEX Card" - it can be found at this link. Please take a moment to read the show notes and listen to the show.

At the bottom of the page there is a red and yellow box, click on the play button in the yellow portion and the embedded player will start the episode (make sure your sound is turned up). Anita is a great host and she has become a known entity in the business of small business marketing, blogging, and advice - so it was an honor being part of her show.

Anita is also well known for her blog, called Small Business Trends, where several writers come up with good content read by a very active community that comments and adds additional value. Given that this edition of her show focused solely on introducing our service to the community, it gave us a chance to get into the details about how things work, who we are and why we are different from traditional banking cards.

If you have a chance - please take a moment to listen! Thank you!

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