PEX’s Journey with the Center for Hope & Safety

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The Center for Hope & Safety offers a safe and supportive environment to many victims and survivors of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, and human trafficking. It is a safe space for these individuals to learn about their options and find others who offer them support for the choices they make. CHS has always been a volunteer operation, and the work they do calls for quick decision-making. Sara, the program manager of the Center for Hope & Safety, was the one who discovered PEX and decided to propose it to the Director and board of their nonprofit organization, and since then PEX has empowered their staff in their efforts to help.

To learn more about Center For Hope & Safety, visit their website here.

During our discussions with the Center for Hope & Safety, they helped us identify the ways in which we could continue to assist them and nonprofits like them. After a year of seeing the effects PEX had on their operations, they reported that their new system of distributing funds via PEX cards was simple, straightforward, and helped to keep their overhead low

Through using PEX, the Center for Hope & Safety was able to:

1. See activity in real-time, allowing for transparency and keeping them moving

2. Integrate with QuickBooks

3. Understand the ease and instantaneous ability of our company’s platform

4. Quickly distribute almost 400k directly to clients as needed

The Center for Hope &  Safety uses PEX to support its programs and services. Our goal is to continue to serve organizations just like them in order to make a difference while continuing to be a part of their story. To learn more about PEX Grants, schedule a demo today.

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