Business Spotlight: Perfect Parties USA


Business Spotlight is a feature column highlighting a successful, entrepreneurial company that uses PEX Card to help them run smarter, more efficient businesses. This month we are thrilled to put the spotlight on Perfect Parties USA, a Boston-based boutique events company that knows how to host the BEST parties!

PEX Card: You’ve been operating Perfect Parties USA for over a decade, what’s the state of the party business today?

Perfect Parties USA: The status of the party business is great! The economy has turned, companies are spending again and it excites us to be reinventing our business and bringing the latest games and attractions to our clients.

PEX Card: You have six warehouses to serve clients around the country. What was the strategy behind your growth? What obstacles did you have to overcome along the way?

Perfect Parties USA: We have grown conservatively. We take pride in owning all of our equipment outright and we focus on a marginal and manageable growth each year by adding new attractions and equipment to our inventory. Over the years, we’ve learned that more volume does not necessarily mean more money, it can cost you 15% of gross to make 10% more gross if business growth is not managed properly.

PEX Card: Many of your clients are recognizable brands such as Staples, Coca-Cola, FedEx and Mercedes Benz. How were you able to build such an impressive roster?

Perfect Parties USA: We are a boutique company and we service our clients until no end. We have a unique inventory, years of experience and a full time staff to service companies with demanding requests.

PEX Card: As social media continues to dominate the marketing and communications landscapes, how do you see Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, among other platforms, play a role in your marketing strategy?

Perfect Parties USA: Oddly enough, we do very little with social media.  We are not looking to appeal to the masses. Companies that need the rental items and attractions that we have find us.

PEX Card: With a mobile workforce and a sizable list of client events every month, how has PEX Card helped Perfect Parties USA run a more efficient business?

Perfect Parties USA: PEX Card has been great for us because we go through so many peaks and valleys with lots of part time staff.  It allows us to have team members instantly funded when they need money and then turned off when they’re done making purchases. It also allows us to give cards to all part-time team members with a comfortable amount of emergency spend on each card. We never have to worry about a team member in the field without a credit card to put a fire out. The way that we can control spending instantaneously is so convenient. We also cannot say enough about PEX Card’s customer service. Initially we were skeptical because it was all so new, but the customer service team behind the card is better than our experience with major credit cards.

PEX Card: We saved the best question for last. What’s the secret to hosting a Perfect Party?

Perfect Parties USA:We are! Call us and find out what we are all about. You can also visit our web site at

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