Business Prepaid Cards: Credit Cards Not Geared for Multiple Monthly Payments

If you’re not investing in your business, how can it grow? But if you do invest, there’s less money available for bill paying, which can sometimes leave a narrow margin of error for cash flow. One solution can be to make smaller, more frequent payments. This can sometimes be very effective, but there are some vendors, such as credit card companies, that simply are not geared for multiple monthly payments. It can take days for the payment to post and free up credit, leaving you with little to show for the money you sent in.

While credit cards often don’t have an easy way to pay more than once per month, prepaid cards put all the control in your hands. You put money in the account whenever you want and you can then put some of that money on one of the cards. Make as many adjustments as you need throughout the month. And never accrue fees for a late payment or missed payment.

PEX Card is here to help your business function as efficiently as possible and if that means adding money throughout the month, then you have that ability without worrying about restrictions, fees, or bills and payments getting crossed in the mail.



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