Budgeting For Travel

This link offers some insightful tips about how small business owners can save money while traveling.

One example in particular describes managing car rentals by reserving the smallest, cheapest car available – if they don’t have it in stock, the rental agency generally honors the rate with the next best car in stock.

This tip resonates with me because I figured this one out on my own. In NYC the rental agencies move their cars to/from the airport to city locations. Business travelers coming in during the week rent cars at the airport locations, while New Yorkers need cars for weekend travel at city locations. Many times the inventory is a bit of a crap shoot. You can get lucky and get a bigger car for the lower rate.

Enjoy the article!

For more information about travel expense management – take a look at our other blog posts on the subject! For more information about using the PEX Card Service to budget employee travel, have a look at our demo which can be found on our home page.

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