Boost Customer Loyalty During the Holidays


Holiday season is not only a great time to increase revenue before the year-end, but it’s also valuable contact with customer. According to an article by Inc magazine, the holiday season is a perfect opportunity to boost customer loyalty.

Customer Service is Key
Now is the time for your customer service department to shine! With more customers than ever, who require specific items within a very strict timeframe, you are more likely to face personal interaction with customers than during any other season. During the holiday season customers require their items and transactions to be done correctly. Make it easier for your customers to talk to you, and they will remember it the following year.

Make it Personal
Customers never want to feel like another number. Smaller to mid-size businesses can benefit by remembering their regular customers, keeping track of their preferences, and customizing their experience.

Turn Complaints Around
It’s hard to please everyone — but turning a negative customer experience into a positive one does wonders for a company. Use their complaint to find out what they value. For example, if an item is shipping too slow, offer a free upgrade.

Value Your Employees
Your employees are bound to be just as stressed out, busy, and frazzled as your customers are during the holiday season. A thank you or small token of appreciation goes a long way, and will be positively reflected in future interactions with customers.

Make a Difference in Your Community
Having a reputation as a socially responsible company can only benefit your business. Make a point to sponsor a local or national initiative. Encourage volunteerism and giving from your employees, or match their charitable contributions.

Some extra, focused effort will go a long way in boosting customer loyalty over the holidays. These practical tips will make a difference for your business in years to come! To read the full article from Inc, click here.

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